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Each kit comes with easy to follow pictoral  instructions for                                many models #tlock #playmais

What is Maxamec?

Designed in Sweden by Stephan Karlsten, Maxamec is a large format wooden construction system for children from 3 – 12 years.  It is made from 6mm laminated Birch plywood harvested from sustainable forests and comes with bright plastic accessories and patented connectors. Constructed according to the Manual, models will take weights up to 50kg. This enables children to use their creations either for themselves or younger siblings with the option of two wheel types.

The components are adaptable and compatible. The only thing better than one kit – is two kits!  A real design opportunity is provided, developing logical thinking and planning, the understanding of structural requirements and taking account of stress and stability in the design process once the principles of building with the system have been practiced and understood through play.

The connectors are strong and large enough for small hands to manipulate thus building confidence whilst developing fine motor skills.  The pieces are large enough for children over 3 yeasr to play with, with a safety hole drilled through each cap to avoid suffocation should one ever be swallowed. Where younger children are present – attention should be paid to the circlip which is a choking hazard for under 3’s.

It was Stephan’s vision to ‘change the world for children, with children, and through children.’ The kit enables children to make anything from dolls furniture to scooters they can ride on and furniture for themselves; something different every day.  He wanted to promote a child’s ability to dream, their creativity and their sense of adventure.  At the same time he wanted to give the children a chance to learn good values e.g. sharing, working together and promoting a non-violent activity, as well as Maxamec being a valuable alternative to passive, solitary occupation. (Yes – it’s a dig at computer/video games!)